Heart and Soul in the Ecosystem:

Join an evening with Paul Maiteny

Friday 1 April 2011, 7–9.30pm

Linklater Pavilion
Lewes Railway Land
Lewes BN7 2RF

£8 on the door (concessions available)

Paul Maiteny is an ecologist, anthropologist and transpersonal psychotherapist. His work has raised big questions about the psycho-spiritual and cultural causes and consequences of the ecological breakdown we are facing.

At this event, he will talk about how the health of the biosphere depends increasingly on our relationship with our inner nature - our evolving ecological selfhood.

Paul is the main writer of Unit 6, Science and Culture in Education for Sustainability, of our EfS programme and is also a Unit 6 Tutor.

More info:
Sue Fleming
078 5577 7715


A balancing act between two worlds

‘Adaptation to the inner world is just as vital as adaptation to the external world.... We can meet the demands of outer necessity in an ideal way only if we are in a functional relationship (are adapted) to our inner world, that is, if we are in harmony with ourself. Conversely, we can relate to the inner world and achieve harmony only when we are related to our outer conditions.... The fragile and delicate balance of physical ecological systems is paralleled by the need for the same kind of balance in the psychological system – an ecology of the inner life, so to speak.’
Stephenson Bond (1993: 47)

STEPHENSON BOND, S. (1993) Living myth: personal meaning as a way of life. Boston and London: Shambala Publications In: MAITENY, P. and PARKER, J. (eds.) (2002) Unit 6 Reader: Science and culture in education for sustainability. London: Distance Learning Centre, South Bank University.

Two misleading beliefs that fuel the global maximum growth economy

‘The global maximum growth economy is fuelled by consumer demand and two misleading cultural beliefs: (1) maximising consumption and wealth is the best way to achieve human happiness and wellbeing, (2) the planet will be able to sustain ever-growing levels of consumption’.
Maiteny and Parker (2002: 27)

MAITENY, P. and PARKER, J. (2002) Unit 6 Study guide: Science and culture in education for sustainability. London: Distance Learning Centre, South Bank University.

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